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»Old Soldiers Never Die...
Graeme McCormack is a veteran artist who has worked on everything from the Halo series to Age of Empires.Read more...
»Blade Runner Remake Mess Continues With Shopfront Switcheroo
The drama and weirdness around the disastrous Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition remake continues this week. Last time we checked in, buyers were very ...
»Someone Reportedly Bought Up $40k Of Stock To Ask Nintendo About F-Zero
Many Nintendo fans desperately want a new entry in the popular sci-fi racing series, F-Zero. However, only one diehard fan was reportedly dedicated...
»Um…Logan Paul To WWE Confirmed
YouTuber Logan Paul has officially signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. Read more...
»EA Revealed ‘Pre-Pre-Pre Alpha’ Skate Footage On Purpose This Time
EA has finally peeled back the griptape on developer Full Circle’s next Skate game…sorta. It’s not like there’s an official release date or any def...

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»Here are all the free games you can grab right now
Want some free games? We can help.
»9 things you probably don't know about Elden Ring
Secrets and surprises from the year's biggest game. ...
»Twitch streamers may soon be able to share banlists with other channels
A possible next step for chat moderation. ...
»Major cryptocurrency exchange signs $1.4 million deal to help ICE track crypto trades
Coinbase has entered into a seven-figure deal that provides the US government agency with an array of analytical tool...
»The next Hunt: Showdown update is pretty big
Weapon rebalance, audio behavior, desync, match length, spawn points among the long list of changes and fixes in the ...

Date published: Fri, 01 Jul 2022 08:10:33 +0000

»Three Wheeling: Startup Faction Develops Affordable Tri-Wheel AVs on NVIDIA DRIVE
Some things are easy as A, B, C. But when it comes to autonomous vehicles, the key may be in one, two, three. Faction, a Bay Area-based startup and...
»The Gaming Evolution Will Be Televised: GFN Thursday Levels Up the Living Room Experience on New Samsung TVs and More
Turn the TV on. GeForce NOW is leveling up gaming in the living room. The Samsung Gaming Hub launched today, delivering GeForce NOW natively on 202...
»The Metaverse Goes Industrial: Siemens, NVIDIA Extend Partnership to Bring Digital Twins Within Easy Reach
Silicon Valley magic met Wednesday with 175 years of industrial technology leadership as Siemens CEO Roland Busch and NVIDIA Founder and CEO Jensen...
»NVIDIA, Partners Show Leading AI Performance and Versatility in MLPerf
NVIDIA and its partners continued to provide the best overall AI training performance and the most submissions across all benchmarks with 90% of al...
»NVIDIA Studio Driver Elevates Creative Workflows in Blender 3.2, BorisFX Sapphire and Topaz Denoise AI
The June NVIDIA Studio Driver is available for download today, optimizing the latest creative app updates, all with the stability and reliability t...

Date published: Fri, 01 Jul 2022 01:03:41 +0000


Tuesday 24 May 2022

My $300 DIY gaming chair

 Administrator   24 May 2022
 None   DIY

Thursday 19 May 2022

Monday 11 April 2022

Wednesday 30 March 2022

Elden Ring: Bestial Sanctum an early game rune farm, 200k+ runes per hour

 Administrator   30 Mar 2022
 None   Elden Ring

These NPCs go down fast and granting 1094 runes per kill. The nearby site of grace will let you keep respawning them. Just don't let them hit you, as they can kill an low level character in a hit.

Monday 07 March 2022